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The Galleon

A love seat style furniture piece inspired by the curvature and forms of pirated Spanish Galleons from the 17th century. The final design outcome is a furniture piece that takes into account space planning, human factors, specification, budgeting, procurement, sustainability, universal design, inclusive design, and materials and manufacturing. 


Abstract Inspiration and Patterns

Sketch Ideation

Cad Model


Technical drawings in CAD were made to help in the fabrication process of the chair. A CNC was used to cut out the ribs of the chair frame and cut the silhouetted form of the chair

Materials used: plywood, bending poplar, dowels, and softwood



The piece was constructed with an interior skeleton to act as a support system for the rest of the chair. The frame was made with ribbed structures that were cut using a CNC, dowels to keep the ribs level with itself, and stepped wooden spacers to give the piece its stability. Bending poplar was used to wrap around the interior and exterior curvature of the frame and held in place with staples.


The end result being a 3 piece loveseat (frame, chair back, and seat for easy assembly and moving) which was then furnished with faux leather and padded with burlap, foam, and Dacron. 

Time constraints led to the project being finished with contact paper, but in the future will be replaced with layers of wood veneer to more celebrate the planks of a true Spanish Galleon.

Final Design

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